Justin Pyvis

Finely Balanced is a newsletter that gets you thinking about the ever-changing economic and technological issues of the day. It was created by me, Justin Pyvis, an Economics PhD, part-time coder/designer/tech enthusiast and Senior Analyst with the Department of Treasury in Western Australia. I've spent over a decade analysing and writing about economic issues from Australia to Vietnam, with Finely Balanced a way of sharing my thoughts on the issues that I think really matter.

Prior to joining the Department of Treasury, I briefly dabbled with a data analytics start-up after working for a few years as an Economist with Asianomics Group in Hong Kong (since acquired by Aletheia Capital). Before that I was with AECOM in Perth, running the popular Aussienomics blog from 2009-13 in my spare time.

What is now Finely Balanced was once known as EconByte, a weekly newsletter about the economics of technology. I thought the name – the super witty combination of 'Economics' and 'Byte', as in the group of binary bits – was a bit too restrictive, so I re-branded it, allowing me to branch out beyond technology (although that is still a primary focus of the newsletter).

This entire project was bootstrapped and coded by me over many, many weekends. I don't charge anything for the weekly newsletter but do accept donations, 100% of which are funnelled back into Finely Balanced, e.g. to pay for the server, email distribution, new features or possibly even guest articles at some point.

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We publish once a week on a Tuesday morning Australian time, with each issue compiled entirely in my free time, usually on a Saturday. I'm vehemently anti-advertising, so you won't find any here. I will also never sell or share what little of your information is collected (literally just an email address).


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If you would like to contribute in some way, whether it's a full essay (please try to keep it under 1,000 words) or even just an interesting article you read, simply reply to the weekly newsletter! Likewise, if you have any suggestions for how we might improve, don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you'd prefer to support Finely Balanced financially, we do accept one-off donations, which other than Justin's time are what keep the venture going.