Justin Pyvis

Finely Balanced is a weekly newsletter on the ever-changing economic and technological issues of the day. It was created by me, Justin Pyvis, an Economics PhD, part-time coder/designer/tech enthusiast and Senior Analyst with Treasury Western Australia.

I've previously lived in Melbourne, Sydney, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Victoria (Canada) and Tauranga, spending more than a decade of my professional carrer analysing and writing about economic issues across the world. Finely Balanced is my way of sharing my thoughts on the issues that I think matter.


What is now Finely Balanced was once known as EconByte, as in the super witty combination of 'Economics' and 'Byte'. The entire project was bootstrapped and coded by me over many, many weekends. I don't charge anything for the weekly newsletter but do accept donations, 100% of which are funnelled back into Finely Balanced, e.g. to pay for the server, email distribution, new features or possibly even guest articles at some point.

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Never miss out on an issue by subscribing to the newsletter. Issues are delivered via email once a week on a Tuesday morning Australian time, with each one compiled entirely in my free time, usually on a Saturday. I don't care who reads Finely Balanced or how often so will never sell or share what little information is collected (literally just an email address - read the super short disclaimer).


Contribute to Finely Balanced.

If you would like to contribute in some way, whether it's a full essay (please try to keep it under 1,000 words) or even just an interesting article you read, simply reply to the weekly newsletter! Likewise, if you have any suggestions for how to improve, don't hesitate to get in touch.

If you'd prefer to support Finely Balanced financially, feel free to make a one-off donation, which other than my time is what keeps the venture going.

That's about it. Enjoy!