How Much Is Data Privacy Worth?

Issue 31/2019

First they came for Huawei...

Oh no, here we go again: "Senior Trump administration officials met on Wednesday to discuss whether to seek legislation prohibiting tech companies from using forms of encryption that law enforcement c […] Read on →

Delivered on 09 July, 2019

Is voice over-hyped? A new survey suggests lower adoption than previously thought

Issue 30/2019

Google wants to ruin email

Who doesn't love email? Likely a lot of you, but probably because of what you receive through it (or how you manage your inbox) rather than the protocol itself. Email - or rather, the simple mail tran […] Read on →

Delivered on 02 July, 2019

Current or Calibra?

Issue 29/2019

Meet Libra, Facebook's disrupter

Last week Facebook confirmed the worst kept secret in the tech world and announced its new cryptocurrency, Libra. You can read the full white paper here, or bear with me as I attempt to break it down. […] Read on →

Delivered on 25 June, 2019

Facebook’s Libra Association, broken out by industry

Issue 28/2019

Pathetic privacy policies

A question for you: have you read a privacy policy in the past year? If you answered yes, you're probably in the minority. For while important, privacy policies tend to be long-winded, lawyer-written […] Read on →

Delivered on 18 June, 2019

A history of modern Australia shown in a single animated map.

Issue 27/2019

Here come the lawyers

No, I don't mean Israel Folau's multi-million dollar lawsuit that could bankrupt Rugby Australia, but Google's fight against the Huawei ban: "Google apparently has warned the Trump administration that […] Read on →

Delivered on 11 June, 2019