Robots in 1932

Issue 22/2019

Platform or publisher?

There is no debate that social media began as a platform. As I wrote in Issue 16/2019: "Just to be clear, social networks are not publishers, they're platforms. If an article is shared on Twitter, tha […] Read on →

Delivered on 07 May, 2019

Tesla deliveries

Issue 21/2019

Oh Elon...

What a week for Elon Musk, and not in a good way. If you need a refresher: After markets closed on Friday, Tesla announced the departure of four board members once their current terms expire.On Monday […] Read on →

Delivered on 30 April, 2019

Growth of financial services

Issue 20/2019

Disrupting the banks

I trust everyone had a relaxing Easter long weekend. This week's issue will be shorter than usual as I just want to briefly touch on a subject of immense frustration but more importantly, opportunit […] Read on →

Delivered on 23 April, 2019

Most used social media platforms

Issue 19/2019

It's not just Alexa listening

In news that really should have surprised no one, Bloomberg revealed that audio captured by Amazon Alexa-enabled devices is actually listened to by humans: "The team listens to voice recordings captu […] Read on →

Delivered on 16 April, 2019

Crypto correlation

Issue 18/2019

Artificial intelligence is overrated

Artificial intelligence (AI) is overrated, both in terms of its potential for improving productivity and the threat it might one day pose to humanity. When you break it down, AI is really nothing mo […] Read on →

Delivered on 08 April, 2019