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New host, new back-end

Over the weekend I pushed two major changes to the website: Changed hosts from Ramnode to Digital Ocean.Migrated the back-end from Craft to Ghost.I'm not going to dwell on the first point. Ramnode has been great but I… Read on →

Posted on 22 February 2020. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 65

Everyone spies on everyone

Unless you've been living under a rock for the  past decade or think that governments actually have your interests at  heart, the 'revelations' last week that again confirmed the US, China  and Australia all spy on us should not have… Read on →

Delivered on 17 February 2020. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 64

Why Libra failed

I might be jumping the gun a bit here (Libra  hasn't even launched yet!) but the writing is on the wall. Eight  founding institutions have now withdrawn from Facebook's Libra  Association, with the Financial Times running an article last week… Read on →

Delivered on 11 February 2020. About a 5 min read.

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Issue 63

Anti-Big Tech sentiment

In what should come as a surprise to no one, the United States government is trying to use anti-Big Tech sentiment to achieve its decade+ long goal of banning encryption: Remember,  CALEA makes it perfectly legal for providers of “information… Read on →

Delivered on 04 February 2020. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 62

Don't backup your conversations

This is a bit of a public service announcement: if you use any instant messenger (WhatsApp , iMessage, etc), whatever you do, do not enable automatic backups. If you need to back up your conversations, do it yourself. When prompted with… Read on →

Delivered on 28 January 2020. About a 4 min read.