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Issue 14

Why Facebook shouldn't be regulated

If you follow EconByte then you’re probably aware of my dislike of Facebook and so I apologise in advance for yet another Facebook-related post. But in light of even more revelations of Facebook’s abuse of its user’s… Read on →

Delivered on 06 January 2019. About a 7 min read.

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Issue 13

Australia's encryption gamble

I try not to dabble in day-to-day events, especially when politics are involved. But Australia’s parliament just passed legislation, with the full support of both major parties I might add, that is at best useless and at worst downright… Read on →

Delivered on 09 December 2018. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 12

The internet and the cost of free

The internet as we know it today is largely one where most things we encounter are provided for free. You can browse this website for free. When you search for something on Google, it doesn’t charge you. Facebook? Free.… Read on →

Delivered on 02 December 2018. About a 6 min read.

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Issue 11

When Apple's walls came down

A hallmark of Apple over the past two decades (perhaps longer, my Apple history isn’t the best) has been its “walled garden”; the Apple “ecosystem”, where if you buy one Apple product you’re going to want to buy… Read on →

Delivered on 25 November 2018. About a 5 min read.

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Issue 10

Amazon borrows from the NFL

Amazon recently announced the “winners” of its HQ2 competition, New York City and Northern Virginia (Washington D.C.). I put “winners” in inverted commas as while there are without a doubt winners and losers, it’s not a given that… Read on →

Delivered on 18 November 2018. About a 6 min read.