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Issue 74

The Great Acceleration

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has dubbed the downturn we're about to have the "Great Lockdown". I quite like it, as it recognises that it's a self-inflicted downturn. Had governments been better prepared, or responded in a timely manner, we… Read on →

Delivered on 20 April 2020. About a 3 min read.

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Issue 73

Virus tracking and the privacy trade-off

Most governments (there are a few exceptions) failed to react to the coronavirus pandemic in time, effectively forcing them into more drastic measures at a later date, wreaking havoc on their economies. The politicians and epidemiologists were examining the case… Read on →

Delivered on 14 April 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 72

Zoom is proof people don't care

Yes, I'm writing about the videoconferencing software Zoom again. The thing is since I sent last week's issue, even more information has come to light about just how bad Zoom really is. It really, truly is pure malware, yet like… Read on →

Delivered on 06 April 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 71

Zoom! There goes your data

Most of us have used Skype and email for work-related communication for a very long time, but they both lack comprehensive team coordination and collaboration features. That wasn't a big deal when you're sat sat within a few metres of… Read on →

Delivered on 30 March 2020. About a 4 min read.

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Issue 70

Further thoughts on the coronavirus

Most of the world has, to varying degrees, shut down. That means there's very little happening in the tech sector, outside of SoftBank's desperate attempt to raise another $US10 billion (the definition of throwing good money after bad), or the… Read on →

Delivered on 23 March 2020. About a 7 min read.